Regular Sessions (Non Gift Card Holders)

Divine Blessings & Love to you! Thank you for taking interest in booking a session. This is an online tool where you can schedule an appointment with me in real time. ***NOTICE*** For Cacao Meditation Sessions, please click this link to schedule instead: CACAO MEDITATION SCHEDULER ( Please take note that the booking done here is still subject for approval. I reserve the right to refuse or cancel a booking for certain situations and circumstances that might compromise safety and security, as well as, for other energetic reasons. Thank you for understanding. All sessions are conducted online via Zoom or Skype. If you don’t have any of those accounts, I can give you an online link where you can use to log in and will take you straight to our meeting room if you use a laptop. To start your booking click on any available time & date below. (Clickable buttons are available. Non-clickable buttons are not). You may change the time zone on the upper left drop down button to view the availability according to your timezone. If the time slot is unclickable, it means that it is not within the time duration or it has been already been booked by someone else but has not yet approved. If this happens, kindly find another schedule or email me at to signify your intent for an earlier date (after you have already booked a schedule) just in case cancellation happens. A session is 100 usd/90 euros ( For Filipinos, the rate is discounted to 3500php.) for maximum of 90 minutes only. Payment is within 48 hours after approval of schedule. Unpaid online sessions will be deemed cancelled. Payment is via paypal account ( Other payment options are bank transfer (BPI), Gcash, Transferwise , and Western Union. I also accept Bitcoin payments. Please send payment receipt to For more information and details about the services and work I do, please refer to To know more about me (my BIO), you can check out Thank you! Looking forward to our meeting!

For Those Availing Vouchers

For those scheduling for Akashic Reading or Intuitive Heart Coaching, Access Bars Healing & Cacao Meditation using the 2022 Gift Cards 2022 Promo. Input of the promo code number is important to confirm this booking. The 1 hour slot includes a 15 minute buffer before or after the session for other clients that may come before or after you. Please click any one schedule but please bear in mind that our session will be only 45 minutes unless you are using more than one gift card. In this case, you have to declare each promo code of the gift card used. You may also opt to pay 35 eu/40 usd (For Filipinos, 1250 php) to add more time to your session. In this case, please indicate in the promo code section also the price. ***NOTICE*** For Cacao Meditation Sessions, please click this link to schedule instead: CACAO MEDITATION SCHEDULER ( Thank you and looking forward to seeing you soon!